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Monday in the
Utrecht Region

The week starts for most Dutchies with…coffee. Most Dutch simply cannot imagine starting the day without a cup of freshly brewed cup. You’ll find a wide array of great options to enjoy it too.

Tuesday in the
Utrecht Region

Most Dutch people take a packed lunch to work, typically consisting of a sandwich with bread and cheese or hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles). Yes you read right!

Wednesday in the
Utrecht Region

The Dutch are known for their good work-life balance. Wednesday is a typical day that people who work part-time take the afternoon off and most schools also close by midday that day.

Thursday in the
Utrecht Region

On Thursday most shops in the bigger cities are open later, until nine o’clock. ‘Koopavond’ is a festive time, when many people linger after work and enjoy the extra time to find their next delight.

Friday in the
Utrecht Region

The weekend starts with ‘Vrijdagmiddagborrel’, mid-afternoon drinks & snacks that may take place right at work or down at a cozy bar, local beers and a variety of deep fried snacks a common presence.

Saturday in the
Utrecht Region

Every Saturday you can buy the best flowers at Janskerkhof, at the Flower Market. This is when the square is transformed into a sea of colour. Quite gezellig!

Sunday in the
Utrecht Region

Sunday is firmly reserved for leisure. Whether that means sleeping in, visiting family and friends or joining a road bike peloton in the country, we enjoy it to the fullest!

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