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Welcome to Rabobank. Rabobank is the financial specialist for expats in The Netherlands. Therefore Rabobank is your financial specialist.

Rabobank Group is proud to put the common interests of people and communities first. Based on its commitment to those interests, Rabobank Group aims to be a driving and innovating force that contributes to the sustainable development of prosperity and well-being. Its goal is to help people and communities achieve their present and future ambitions. Strengthening mutual collaboration and supplying the best possible financial solutions are the means to achieve that end. Based on this mission, growing a better world together, Rabobank Group's ambition is to be the best and most customer-driven and innovative financial institution in the Netherlands.”

Banking in The Netherlands

As your new job will be filled with challenges, it is important to make sure your stay in The Netherlands is as comfortable as possible. The Banks strive to help and assist you with your financial needs, from the moment your placement in The Netherlands.

Getting started

A current account is the basis of your banking. You can make and receive payments and use a debit card for your most important banking matters. In addition you can use a CreditCard to make payments and withdraw cash anywhere in the world .

Internet Banking / Mobile banking

Online banking is safe, quick and easy. All you need is a laptop or pc with wifi, your bankcard. Mobile banking wherever and whenever you like. Mobile banking enables you to check your account, transfer payments and view your credit card debits via your mobile phone or tablet. Most of your everyday banking is easily and directly accessible in English through Mobile Banking-apps.

To open an account, the following documents are required:

* Proper identification as in your passport, identity card or residence permit

* Your residential address in The Netherlands, confirmed by a rental agreement

The bank will be able to make all the necessary arrangements as soon as you meet and on presentation of the required documents.

During your stay you may require more than just an account


In the Netherlands you are required to have health insurance for you and your family. Children under the age of 18 who live with you, are covered by your insurance at no extra charge.

Property, contents, liability, car and travel insurance

Whether you rent or buy a house, the property and its contents needs to be insured. A contents insurance policy covers the financial damages to your goods in your house or apartment due to fire, theft and extreme weather. Liability insurance is not compulsory in The Netherlands. However it is a cost-effective way of covering the costs incurred if you accidently damage someone else’s property or valuables.

Saving products and Investments

Saving is a way of life for the Dutch. There are countless ways to handle your savings through numerous saving products. Investing is a way to increase the value of your capital. However there are more risks involved. In The Netherlands investment funds for consumers are closely supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Consulting your Financial Adviser is a good way to balance risks against revenues whilst respecting rules and regulations.


If you plan on staying in The Netherlands for a longer period of time, buying a house might be an attractive option. As an expat you might be eligible for a mortgage. Financial advisers are eager to inform you about the various options and advantages.


If you require more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us via email: expats.utrecht@rabobank.nl or give us a call at (030) 287 87 87 We will get back to you as soon as possible.