Expat Center Utrecht

The Expat Center Utrecht is a one-stop shop for all your questions regarding living, working and studying in the Utrecht region. They offer services in two areas:

  • Government formalities at arrival in Utrecht, for those who qualify (residence permits and municipal registration); these services can only be accessed through (online) appointment only.
  • Practical information.  Staff members at the information desk are volunteers of ACCESS, a not-for-profit organisation supporting the international community in the Netherlands. They are expats themselves or have experienced being abroad to work and live. They are very happy to help you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9 am to 5pm, no appointment necessary. Through their experience and extensive network, volunteers at ACCESS can put you on the path to all the information you might need about living in or around Utrecht. Although they are not trained to provide direct assistance with City or visa formalities, they can point you in the right direction, should you experience any confusion. 

Testimonials from clients about ACCESS volunteers at its helpdesk(s): 

“Wow – thank you SO much for all this information. It is incredibly helpful and kind of you – many, many thanks indeed.”

“Many thanks! As usual ACCESS remains the most trusted provider of up to date info for expats.”

“Hi there!  Yes it was so very helpful indeed!!!!!!!  I got a letter from them for my meeting tomorrow with my employer.  The letter stated that they must follow what the doctor recommend by Dutch laws.  If my employer does not follow it this legal agency asked for me to return and they will help me in much more great detail if needed.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your wonderful help.  With(out) you I would not know about my rights.  Your program and what you recommended me to do proves that there are STILL good people with greats morals and know and understand what is basic right and wrong.  I feel more prepared and I know my rights now.  Once again I cannot thank you enough for recommending me to the agency below.  They are so wonderful also.”

“Thank you very much for such a detailed and quick reply to my message. I am sure this information will prove very helpful.”

“Many thanks for your detailed and prompt reply! Those are super helpful for me, I do really appreciate your help.”

“There are not many support teams that would go the extra mile and be extremely helpful as ACCESS helpdesk team. They didn’t just answer the question and provided the help I thought I needed, they understood the problem and gave additional tips, all in nice and friendly manner. Truly an amazing experience.”

“Thank you so much for all the information you gave to me, you were incredible professinal with a lovely human touch. I really appreciate.”

“Many thanks for your very prompt and helpful reply. I do intend to contact at least one of the three advisers. Rest assured that I will mention that I heard about them through ACCESS. You are to be commended on the excellent work you do.”

As always I am deeply thankful for the information and dedication that your helpdesk brings to my life, and I’m sure the lives of many others who have come to live and work in a strange but wonderful new place.
Please keep up the good work and caring attitude that you always show