Hi, we are Oliver and Quine and we work in Utrecht for Undutchables Recruitment Agency. We both come from different countries.

Oliver was born in London and has been visiting the Netherlands since he was 7, because his grandfather got transferred from the UK to Amersfoort. He relocated to the Netherlands in 2011 as he grew accustomed  to the Dutch way of living. Once he moved to the Netherlands Oliver was looking for work and came across the Undutchables, whom helped him settle within the Netherlands and helped him find a position. He was approached in 2017 by the Undutchables office in Utrecht and was offered the role of Recruitment Consultant. He was welcomed to the Undutchables Utrecht team, as the Utrecht office is closest to his place of residence which was Amersfoort at the time. In the beginning of 2018, Oliver moved in with his girlfriend in Utrecht .

Quine – born in the Caribbean, Curacao – moved to Europe in 2010 where she lived in Italy for about 2 years. After living in Italy she and her partner decided to move to the Netherlands to continue their studies there. Quine  followed the International Communication and Media course at Hogeschool Utrecht. At the time she was living in Schiedam and commuted back and forth to Utrecht. She chose to follow her education in Utrecht as this is where they had the program she wanted to follow but also because Utrecht is a lively, student city. After graduating, she was looking for a job. She saw the advertisement for a position at an International company as an Office and Marketing assistant in Utrecht. In mid 2017 Quine, too , joined the Undutchables Utrecht team.

Working in Utrecht

Due to its Universities and international companies, Utrecht has developed into one of the largest international communities in the Netherlands.  Based on the amount of internationals that travel to and study in Utrecht, the city has grown to one of the most vibrant cities of the Netherlands and is a perfect city for expats. One of the advantages of working in Utrecht is that there are quite a lot of international companies located in this region. The strong university presence has attracted a lot of large businesses and thus makes it one of the top cities for expats. This also makes it a great location for an international company such as Undutchables with as main focus internationals and non-Dutch native speakers.  

Meeting up in Utrecht

Utrecht is the perfect place to meet up after a long day of work or simply during the weekends or time off. Utrecht has a large amount of outdoor terraces and has a wide variety of ethnic restaurants. It is also known for its many pubs and clubs which makes the night life in Utrecht quite lively. We usually meet up for drinks or lunch  in the city. And when the weather truly permits it, you can find us outside on one of the many terraces or in the park soaking up the sun. And of course not to forget Utrecht’s completely renovated Shopping Mall, Hoog Catharijne.

There is something for everyone in Utrecht.