Utrecht City Apartments

Utrecht City apartments is a subdivision of Utrecht City Concepts. Aside from the 122 special apartments which Utrecht City Apartments has to offer, Utrecht City Concept offers the visitor of Utrecht five beautiful boutique hotels and restaurant the Rechtbank. All of this with the purpose of offering visitors the best possible experience of this great city. We want our guests to feel right at home. Because making them feel welcome is our number one responsibility, we keep our service down to earth and personal. Having genuine attention for every guest. Read what the experience is of Thomas and his wife Susan with Utrecht City Apartments.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Name, age, marital status, hobbies etc.)

Thomas Penzkofer, married to Susan for 20 years. Our hobby is in a way our life: meeting cultures and travelling.

Where are you from, since when are you staying in Utrecht and what is the reason you live in Utrecht at this moment?

We came to Utrecht a bit more than a year ago as my employer Rabobank seconded us to the Netherlands for a one and a half year assignment. Originally we are from Germany but we lived for many years in the UK, the US, Chile and now in the Netherlands. And this year we will be moving on again to another location for Rabobank – another adventure and unfortunately the end of our great life in the Netherlands for the time being.

For what company do you work and could you tell us a little bit more about your work?

I have been working for the Rabobank for more than 20 years in various management positions in several countries. My position right now is to drive business change management in Global IT Infrastructure.

Why did you choose for this apartment at Oudegracht as your residence in Utrecht and how do you experience your stay at the apartment?

Utrecht City Apartment has been a partner to Rabobank for a long time to support short term assignments from other countries. In our case the Rabobank arranged one of the apartments managed by Utrecht City Apartment in the Oudegracht for us as a short term lease. Well, what to say? We loved the place so much, that we agreed with Utrecht City apartment to stay for the duration of our assignment in the apartment.

Would you recommend Utrecht City Apartments, and if so why?

Utrecht City Apartment for sure gets our highest recommendations. First of all to mention the team of Denise, Lâle, Nico: extremely friendly, always there when you need them and always going the extra mile. And of course not to forget the high quality apartments in a great location!

Could you tell us what you think about Utrecht and are you feeling at home in this city?

I have been in and out of Utrecht for more than 20 years as a business visitor coming to Head Office of the Rabobank and I always loved this great city in the center of the Netherlands. But what a difference it makes when you live here and it becomes your home! A beautiful city center, great relaxed life style, green, variety and quality of restaurants, the Grachten, you easily escape to the beautiful countryside surroundings and it is bicycle heaven. At times a bit crowded and too many bachelorette / bachelor parties but this comes with the beauty of the city.

And do NOT believe the Dutch when they complain about the weather: it is way better than they try to scare you off.

Do you have a remarkable or funny experience with Utrecht you would like to share with us? Please feel free to write something down about Utrecht what you think everyone should know about it.

Like everywhere in the Netherlands, get out of the way of the cyclists. They are the true road warriors and don’t take prisoners. When you are here for a while and you also do everything on the bike, you become really Dutch. And you fear nothing more than the tourists and the “fresh” students on bikes which flock the city every term as they do not know how to use a bike….