How to find a study programme in Utrecht Region

Utrecht Region is home to some of the Netherlands' most prestigious universities, renowned knowledge institutions and more than 70,000 students.  The Shanghai Ranking has ranked Utrecht University, located in the city of Utrecht, the best university in the Netherlands and 47th worldwide. The region offers students an inspiring international learning environment with an extensive range of fully English-taught programmes, courses and study programmes covering a wide variety of fields.

Each year thousands of international students choose Utrecht Region to follow an English-taught study programme. Prospective international students can enrol in an English-taught degree programme or a short course, while Dutch speakers can also enrol in a Dutch-taught programme. To apply for a study programme, students should first contact the institution offering the programme, which will specify the required qualifications for admission. Comparing the offerings of the universities, colleges and other education providers gets you one step closer to your chosen career.

Universities, colleges and education providers in the Utrecht Region

Let our partners help you

Finding the right education, course or training programme in Utrecht Region is essential for your professional and personal development. To help internationals take the next step in their career, our partners provide helpful information and contact details for local service providers in Utrecht Region, which is especially beneficial upon your arrival and during your first months in the Netherlands. Our private partners offer reliable services in all relevant sectors enabling you to find the perfect possibility for your educational desires. 

Rest assured, our partners all meet our minimum criteria, such as having all relevant company information available in English (including website, flyers, forms etc) and agreeing to cooperate in our client monitoring project. We regularly request feedback from internationals to assess the quality of our partners' services, with their identity remaining private when we share it with our partners. Adjustments will be made to our partner list as appropriate.

Explore our Online Services Map below to find partners that can assist you in choosing the right education, course or training programme to kick-start your career.