Workshop: Powerful growth hacking tools to land a job in the Netherlands #CollegeLifeHacks

College Life will provide a workshop on powerful growth hacking tools to land a job in the Netherlands #CollegeLifeHacks

This workshop is aimed at anyone looking to build a network and kickstart their career in the Netherlands within a short period of time. Rather than a traditional reactive approach that focuses on optimising your LinkedIn Profile, we will explore growth hacking tools that will allow you to actively connect with HR managers, accelerate your networking & land your dream job. Within one year, these tools have helped College Life initiate partnerships with industry leaders such as, PwC and Uber. 

Joint the Talent Event and learn all about these growth hacking tools.

What is College Life? 

College Life is a hub for international students & graduates in the Netherlands. Since its re-branding in the Summer of 2017, the company has launched five new verticals: Jobs, Deals, Housing, Finance & Magazine. 

Through its in-house solutions & tight-knit partnerships with both private + public institutions, College Life has established a strong market presence in the Netherlands. 

Its portfolio of direct partners include renowned Dutch universities (7 of the top 10), industry leaders (e.g., PwC, Uber, ING and Philips), and local governments (e.g. Gemeente Rotterdam and Gemeente Groningen).